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PNR or the Passenger Name Record is a 10 digit number, printed at the top left corner of the railway ticket that is used to check Passenger Current Status or Current Reservation Status. PNR can be associated with a single passenger or a group of passengers travelling on that ticket. It would be very cumbersome to visit the reservation counter every time you wish to check the PNR Current Status. IRCTC's PNR Status online services allow you to check the reservation status with just the click of a button. Our sturdy search tool is capable of handling numerous simultaneous PNR look ups from the computerized railway reservation system accessed by as many as 20 million users daily.

The IRCTC search tool is highly scalable to cater to the increasing number of trains, running between various destinations, frequently added to an already large rail network. The users can search the PNR Current Status by entering the 10 digit PNR in the search window, hit the submit button and the search tool will fetch the current reservation status from the IRCTC reservation database, which is updated real time 24*7, in less than 2 to 3 seconds. The PNR search tool can be accessed free of cost.

To locate the 10 digit number, the users can also use the 'Find the 10 digit number in your ticket' from our user-friendly web portal. Bearing in mind the convenience of our patrons, we have also introduced alternative means like SMS or text messages over mobile phones, dedicated landline number(s) etc. to check the current reservation status of the booked tickets thus making their lives easier. This easy to use service requires the travelers to type a message 'PNR (10 digit PNR number)' to '139 Rail Sampark' to check the current PNR Status or the reservation status.

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